Our Fleet

Old Toy

Want to live like a VIP?
Directly from the Tullio Abbate boat yard, the Old Toy cuts no corners in terms of class and decor.

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Rospo is renowned for its comfort thanks to its leather seats and smart interiors,For smaller, more intimate groups, check out Rospo. The most luxurious of our boats

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baby Rospo

Boasting a traditional design, this boat is ideal for groups. Jump on board and experience a tour of the lake like no other.

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Mega Rospo

The top of the range of our fleet!The Megarospo boat is our top of the range experience, perfect for larger groups, cruises and boat parties.

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Why choose our Boat services!


Surrounded by epic mountains and breath-taking scenery, imagine the beautiful pictures you could take aboard our boats for the most important day of your life.

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Private Party

Lake Como is the epicenter of glitz and glamour. Lake Como isn’t only for romantic getaways – it also knows how to show its guests a good time!

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Whatever your needs, we are flexible and can cater for the most demanding of clients. We are happy to arrange personalized cruises at the most spectacular villas

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About us: Experience Lake Como that bit closer by taking a boat ride around the lake with our experienced and skilled captains. Get on board with us and enjoy first class service, as well as local knowledge and great stories. Our years of experience and modern fleet ensure you a smooth transfer each time.


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